Cheerleading Resume Examples

whether you are looking for a place on a professional cheerleading team, a cheer coach job or an administrative position for a cheerleading camp team or association, it is important to create a resume that special in your related experience focuses. A cheerleading resume should highlight your experience in cheerleading, coaching, volunteering or work in cheerleading competitions, as well as any athletic, dance, team, class or other relevant activities. Your cheerleading resume should be no more than one page, if you have extensive experience. Include a cover letter showing your understanding and preparing for the authorities and responsibilities for the position you are looking for requires.

What you need
Computer with word processing software
Names and locations of all past jobs, schools, internships and volunteer sites.

Select or create a cheerleading resume template that is easy to read, with margins no less than ½ inch and a font no smaller than 11-point font.

Enter your full contact information,

including a professional email address at the top of your resume. Do not use a font larger than 14 points for your name. Although trust is essential, Cheerleading, instill confidence through your words and layout and not the font size and color.

Overview objective statement under your contact information.

When you try to run a youth cheerleading camp, for example, explain that clearly in your goal. A recruiter or hiring manager should tell able exactly what you want. If your goal is vague as “I try to return to the world of cheerleading,” the statement skip altogether.

List relevant experience in reverse chronological order.

When you try cheerleading coach, all your lessons, coaching and leadership experience inside and outside the cheerleading, and your personal experiences in cheer, dance, performance and competition. For each article, succinctly describe your role and the duration of your participation.

List schools, cheer cheer camps and workshops, have visited. If you do not participate in cheerleading in high school or college, simply list the name of the school, city and state or country. If you were on a dance or cheer team, list the team and their years of participation in the context of school information.

List other work experience or extracurricular activities if the previous sections are short, and you have not yet filled a page. independent experience to show you are well-rounded and have other skills that can be for cheerleaders.

Tips & Warnings
Use bullets and / or short phrases in your cheerleading resume. Proofreading it several times to make sure that it is error free. Print your resume on white or cream-colored paper, preferably with a paper quality somewhat heavier than copy paper.




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