Construction Contract Disclaimer Letter

When specifying a contract discalimer, it is important to close. which refers to conditions which must be take together in a way that must be exclude as concise as possible. By design, protects a construction contract disclaimer, the interests of all parties. To be all inclusive, a contract must be examine Disclaimer some basics of legal. physical and technical aspects of the work at hand.

• Write down all the purposes for which the legal advice is not intended, as in the case of a contractual dispute. Write the word “disclaimer” in capital letters as the first word in the statement. Be clear that there is a liability for the set information.

. Place a statement that further to the reader that, act on the disclaimer, they must seek their own professional or legal advice sets. Make it clear that the disclaimer is not intended to be construe as legal advice. For example:

an attorney-client relationship is not created with a disclaimer, nor is a disclaimer that give legal advice. Construction is constantly changing; it is important that the legal nature of what you reject say.

• Enter intends confidentiality disclaimer, be in that it is not intended to react, nor is it to be kept confidential. If the disclaimer is electronically stored for reader access. make it clear that it has not denied or answered that the disclaimer is an instrument to protect the interests of the contract and the company.

• expect note any disputes that might arise, and explain how these disputes are resolved. outside the contractual terms and each comprise a disclaimer. Consider contractual or payment disputes. State clearly and concisely the protection, such as arbitration and in what state or venue. Specifying that. For the contractors and subcontractors as well Use raised no more than two sentences for any dispute.

• Rename the contracting company completely at the end of this disclaimer, with company name, address, a contact e-mail, Web address and phone. Make it clear the source of the disclaimer.

• Insert the disclaimer statement in the end of the contract in a font size that ensure the rest of the text that. the reader fair opportunity to read the message matches.




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