Fashion Stylists Job Description


introduction fashion stylists

help fashion stylists to project their customers a suitable image by meeting style choices. Aspiring stylists should possess a strong interest in fashion and a natural eye for style and color. and his outgoing and friendly when working with customers. A career as a stylist provides ways to work with celebrities and fashion designers.


A stylist helps customers choose clothes and accessories suitable for their line of work, to improve their public image. Stylists will sometimes also help customers choose a flattering hairstyle and makeup. Some stylists also work on photo shoots for fashion shoots, creating outfits that is good to photograph. Stylists have with current fashion trends to keep up and to be aware of different styles that will be meaningful for the individual. Personal stylists should also know how to customers on how to appropriate wardrobe to educate decisions.

Education / Training

Although no formal training is required. it is recommended that those who find a career as a professional stylist want to pursue the courses to enhance their knowledge of the fashion industry. Both associate and bachelor’s degree programs in areas such as fashion design and fashion marketing.

career path

While there is no formal career that must follow aspiring stylists. the candidate experience by winning training and participation in an internship at a fashion school. Another way to build credit and gain experience is to have been used as an assistant for a stylist in the industry. Building a portfolio with these experiences credits improved chances of success of an applicant when applying for entry-level design jobs and beyond.


Stylists typically charge what is a “daily rate”, which refers to a function depending on their experience. The salary of a stylist also strongly depend on their experience, skills, talent and customer network. Stylists earn anywhere from $ 26,000 per year to over $65,000 per year.

Famous stylists

Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist who has worked with clients such as Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton. Jeff Ihenando has worked with many clients, including supermodel Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.