Financial Controller Resume Sample

resume Financial Controller : presentation

Forget the frills, original presentations and even color! The Financial Controller  must inspire seriousness and organization with a well-structured and neat resume. Furthermore, prefer organizing your resume by chronology to a presentation by theme: the recruiter should be able to quickly identify your background and experience.

If you are experienced and you are aiming for senior positions, specify it in the title. For example, “experienced Financial Controller”, “Senior Project Management Controller”.

 hangs Photo

By hook, you can specify the settings that you know or some of your strengths that will make the difference for the position. For example: plain English, management of R & D project, the financial audit.

If you want to put a photograph on your resume, choose it carefully. Of course, the holiday photos are not permitted! Select a photo of you in professional clothes that will entice the recruiter to meet you.

The skills to put forward

What interests the recruiter is to imagine you in your future work environment. And for that, he must be able to accurately know your past experiences.

Also for every experience, be sure to specify the type of contract, company size, turnover and results you achieved and the number of people you have managed.

You must explain concretely what you have achieved within or undertaking (s) with supporting figures when necessary.




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