Hardship Letter

Name the borrower Name
Postal Code – City
Phone – email
Lender (bank name or the credit institution)
ZIP – City
Done at … on … ..

registered letter

Subject: Request for possible
credit Contract Reference


The … I found your establishment a credit agreement under the reference number … and on the amount of … euros.

Faced with serious financial difficulties due to … (eg dismissal, job loss, death of a spouse, etc.), I am unable to pay my next installments.

I would therefore ask you to please give me deadlines for the settlement of upcoming deadlines. In this regard, I can propose a reorganization of my schedule, namely … (you can propose a new timetable with dates and amounts of installments you will pay).

Thank you kindly inform me whether this proposal fits you.

If you refuse to give me the time, I see myself compelled to enter the trial judge to request that I be granted grace periods, pursuant to Article L. 313-12 of the consumer code.

In the meantime, I beg you to believe, M … by expressing my best wishes.




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