Letter Request Payment

The payment amount you have to repay part of your consumer credit is not right for you or you are experiencing financial difficulties. due to a layoff or separation, for example, and you want the monthly payments.  of your credit are lower in consideration of longer duration for repayment.

For this you can send a letter to the credit institution from whom you purchased your credit. to explain your situation and ask if it would be possible to reduce the amount of your monthly payment. This possibility may in fact be included in your credit agreement. subject to certain conditions and acceptance of the lender to grant your request.

In case of positive response from the credit agency , the decrease of the amount of your monthly payment will nevertheless.  have the effect of extending the length of your credit and increase the total cost.

In your letter, you can specify the credit agency the reasons are the cause of your financial difficulties. and the amount you can / want to pay now monthly.

This letter can be sent by regular mail, but it is best to send it by registered mail. with return receipt to have the record of that request. You can also attach to this letter or the documents proving. your difficulties (copy of the termination letter or certificate employment center, or divorce), if you wish.




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