Literary Proposal Template

Perhaps an idea for a literary work, but perhaps not sure of the best approach you should take to prepare a proposal for a publisher. You can think, you must first write a book submit manuscript. For a novel that would be the appropriate course. But for non-fiction, you need a well-structured proposal based on MLA guidelines before. The editors If it’s written well, it will hopefully be accepted, and you can go ahead and write the book. After the Modern Language Association (MLA) MLA “Guidelines are also more than 1,100 scientific and literary journals, newsletters and magazines and many university and commercial presses used. MLA guidelines are throughout North America and in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Taiwan, followed, and in other countries around the world. “Because of its frequency, it would be good for you to learn how a literary proposal in the MLA style. Things “MLA Handbook” “market Writer” (write or access to Need)

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  • check “Writer’s market” – either the current print version or Writer’s market .com – for a list of publishers and agents and what kind of material they currently need. Adding to this MLA recommended sources as “Literary Marketplace” (the current print version or or “Books in Print”. Contact the list of publishers and ask them for their policies, as these may vary.
  • Format your proposal, so that it is more than 10 pages double-spaced. Use white 8 2.1 “by 11” paper, and enter on one side in Arial or Times New Roman. Show last names and date on the left side of the page and the page number on the top right.
  • Insert your margins by MLA rules:. Leaving 1 inch on all sides. Indent five spaces or 2.1 inches from the left side. Do you have a space after a period or punctuation that concludes the sentence.
  • A cover letter to identify yourself and your credibility as establishing an authority or expert in what you are proposing to write about it.
  • Be an overview to say what you proposed book will be about, and why it is important. Describe the approach you want to use. Mention the audience you have in mind. Be clear and concise.
  • Present a table of contents with a list of topics that are discussed. Ask MLA guidelines to tell if there are items such as pictures or tables, or if the material on CD to be available. A brief overview of each chapter and a sample chapter. Mention the length of your proposal and when it finish.
  • In your resume and qualifications. Focus on your writing career. A list of book and educational background. Be sure to mention other experiences with the proposed theme. Use the third person (he, she, it) in your letter.
  • Familiarize yourself rules for grammar, spelling and punctuation with MLA and be sure to follow these.
  • Send materials by regular US Postal Service with a self-addressed stamped envelope for returning materials contain, if necessary. MLA asks that you avoid electronic submissions. If you is not heard from the editor in a month, then says the MLA you can use the editor. You will probably either a request to the entire manuscript or an indication that the proposal does not submit appropriate for their list.




Fiction Proposal FILL IN TEMPLATE by Mary Demuth