Nurse Cover Letter

This is the document that allows you to make contact with a possible future employer. It should be of interest, prove that your professional profile matches the position he filled in and make them want to meet you. You need to put your best foot forward for this position, this function, this enterprise Nurse Cover Letter.

This Nurse Cover Letter can be decisive because it is personalized. It is as important as your resume. You do not have to put the same information.

It must “talk” to you and your application . You do not ask a job, you offer your services.

Your Nurse Cover Letter must include the following

The header

With your details, those of the recipient and the date of dispatch.

The introduction

It must capture the interest of your interviewer. Do not talk about you, but the company, information that you may have obtained in connection with the position you are targeting. You must specify the service (s) in (s) which you want to work.

Find a minimum on the establishment before writing. So do not ask to work with children if the school receives only the elderly!

Whether your application is “spontaneous” or responds to an advert.


Talk about yourself, give examples from your experience, show what you can bring to the company, give weight to your arguments citing figures, results.

Here you must expose your motivations for coming specifically in this business.

Why this business? Why this post? What motivates you to apply specifically to this position?

If your application responds to an advert, the objective is to meet the criteria thereof. The development is then split into two parts:

  • Your motivations: show what you’re interested in this ad, you know the company and its industry, and relate your own experience.
  • Your contributions: quote your strengths, know-how and qualifications that may interest the company. Argue about your work experience and extra-professional.

The proposed meeting

Submit a Nurse Cover Letter in late meeting to highlight your Nurse Cover Letter for the job.

The salutation

Be simple and direct.


Before writing, think:

  • the criteria requested by the company,
  • what you really like in business, the desired job, working conditions.
  • aspects of your application that compensate for any lack of qualification or experience: your passion, your non-professional experiences, your desires to learn and train you.
  • the reasons for choosing this hotel
  • your advantages: you are young and dynamic. you have an experience of the medium with a job in the same business or internships you’ve made it.

The Board also

Warning ! Employers receive many job applications.

They do not all respond systematically to all requests. Feel free to redo your own, if you have not received after one month.

The labor market is not “fluid” throughout the year. So many in Care Training Institutes Nursing finish their schooling in November. Job applications for the month of December are so many. By cons, then.

Below an example of a cover letter

Name First Name
Zip Code – City
Phone Number

Postal Code – City

City, Date


Passionate about my job Nurse and attracted by the reputation of your hospital, I would be part of the nursing staff and put my experience at your service.

I could practice my profession for a year as part of the pre hospital emergency SAMU Trifouilli-the-Geese.

My role was to take care of, to be responsible for the sanitary cell vehicle both in material management and treatment as the health plan.
When working, I could appreciate the work team conducted with physicians for the care of patients or to the transmissions in hospitals with nursing colleagues.

This practice has allowed me to develop technical skills, interpersonal, decision.

I am available immediately for a full time job and thank you kindly take note of my attached resume.

If my mail catches your attention, I would be happy to put you in person and completely my experience.

Waiting to meet you, please accept, Madam, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.





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