Permission Letter

With permission letters you can create the illusion of leading a charge that will shake the foundations of your competition. We all know that the Internet provides numerous tools to do just that. As an entrepreneur, you are an early adopter to most of these things and should take advantage of it to your advantage.

A permission letter is a letter that you write to a prospective client or possible customer to get their permission to use their company’s logo, colors or name for your logo, business name or advertising. This is a powerful tool when used properly. Most people are very hesitant about letting a stranger create their logo or company name for them. Why would they, after all, if they don’t like the name or the logo you might come up with, would they agree to it?

The permission letter can help bring that issue to their mind. You should outline your offer first. Tell them about what you have to offer, why they should be interested in your product or service and how they can help.

The next step in the permission letter is to convince them that they should be interested in what you have to offer. Once you have convinced them, you then have to build your confidence by providing proof that the proof they will be receiving when they receive the letter is valid. Keep in mind that they will be receiving this letter from a stranger, it will be a very long letter and they probably won’t want to spend hours reading your letter.

Your next step is to encourage them to sign the consent form and acknowledge that they read the letter. Give them a few minutes to read it over carefully, take their time, and give them a few different reasons as to why they should agree to your proposal. Once they are convinced that your proposal is legitimate, tell them that they can go to your website to find out more about the product or service.

Provide them with some sort of incentive to sign the letter. This may be anything, but do not include a reward if you want them to sign and acknowledge the letter. Once they do so you can now send them on their way to your website with the personal and detailed sales pitch about your product or service.

Always ensure that you provide a good personal story behind your product or service. If you are selling expensive sunglasses for instance, a nice but short and sweet story about why they should be interested in your product will work wonders.

Always remember that when it comes to selling, the biggest mistake you can make is to copy another sales letter that they have already read. The goal here is to provide an incentive that will convince them to sign up and acknowledge the letter.