Resume Registered Nurse

To be effective, a resume Registered Nurse should be simple, short, clear, readable, well organized, argued, reasoned, sincere and attractive. Do not send a photocopy, especially if it is bad. If you decide to join a photograph (not a requirement), it must be recent, sober and of good quality. Generally, the care environment, this is not a common practice. However it is still a “plus” that will allow the employer to remember your resume Registered Nurse.

The parties to find a resume Registered Nurse

your function

Enter your top depending on the CV so that we know immediately on what job you are applying.

Your marital status and details

You must include your full name, address, phone, email, family status and age (always indicate your date of birth that she never vary).

Your experience

Except for beginners, this section is generally the most important CV.

For each job performed, it includes the four following information:

  • dates (beginning and end)
  • trade practiced
  • Company Name
  • location (a simple postcode followed by town name).

For beginners who have realized placements, it is advisable to call this section “Enterprise Experience”. You can specify either in chronological order (oldest to newest) or in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest). Keep the same logic for the training received.

Your training with your education and your professional qualifications

Then specify your degrees, so that the latter is first in the list. If you wish, you can specify parentheses her graduation date and the grade obtained.

Needless to mention your study certificate passed 30 years ago …!

Your hobbies

practiced sports, hobbies, volunteer activities, foreign languages. bring an extra dimension to your CV. Remember that it is frequently used during the selection interview. Warning ! do not overdo it: the employer could rightly wonder when you can work for him …

The Board also

It should not be any “holes” in your resume.

If you stopped to raise a child, say so !!! Ditto for periods of stoppages if you have had.

It is unnecessary to attach photocopies of certificates. By cons, if you are nursing student, bring your book training during the job interview.

Below an example of CV

Name First Name
Date and place of birth
Marital Status

Registered Nurse State

Professional experience

2005 – 2006: Post nurse in the Emergency Hospital Trucmuche


  • 2002 – 2005: Diploma of State Nurse to Trucmuche Hospital: (2 internships SAU, 4 training in cardiac resuscitation, versatile, neurosurgery and cardio-pediatric)
  • 2001 – 2002: BAC S series

Further education

  • 1999: BAFA
  • 2002: Training in pain in children with Plaster Association

Special knowledge

  • Office: Word, Excel
  • Permits: A, B and E


  • Painting, modeling, visiting museums

  • sports: cycling, running, swimming




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