Silent Auction Bid Sheets Triplicate

Silent Auction Bid Sheets Triplicate is available to download as a free electronic version. It will not have a “best offer” or the final price, as there are no prices in an auction. It only contains the instructions for the silent auction and the fees to be paid to the bidder and the winning bid amount.

The basics of an auction can be understood from the basic way in which an auctioneer conducts a silent auction. When the bids are opened, the auctioneer usually addresses the crowd by asking who is ready to make a bid? There must be unanimous agreement to the opening bid. If there is not unanimous agreement then the auctioneer will ask who is willing to accept the lowest price.

This initial bid will be set at the price the auctioneer believes the highest bidder has agreed to. The auctioneer will have available a check to pay the next highest bid and any other required changes to the opening bid. After the money has been received from the highest bidder, the auctioneer then sums all the bids and awards the winning bid amount to the highest bidder.

The Silent Auction Bid Sheets Triplicate provides a complete example on how to operate an auction. It gives detailed instructions for the silent auction such as bidding for the same item, the order of appearance and different items. It also teaches the basics of what happens if the item is out of stock, how to handle the sales tax and its removal from the site and much more.

Other additional services included are: how to handle transfers, the shipping, handling, grading and sorting of merchandise. This training manual also includes information on how to avoid making mistakes when ordering your items. It can be downloaded to your personal computer so you can see it as often as you like and apply it to your auction experience.

You will find the silent auction checklist, which will also save you time at the start of your auction. You can easily list all the equipment needed, as well as get estimates for the number of hours needed for the project to be completed. You will also learn about the basic needs of an auctioneer and how to quickly get things under control, if need be.

Another important part of the silent auction bid sheets triplicate is how to handle online auctions. It covers security, checking out, pre-selling and shipping items from the site. You will also learn how to arrange and open a payment plan with your online auction competitors to avoid dealing with late payment and other problems.

The final part of the document contains additional terms and conditions regarding the sale of merchandise and the compensation received from a successful bidder for an item that is sold in an auction. An additional third part tells how to deal with unhappy bidders and refund requests. This is very important information that should be familiarized with at least once before your auction experience.