Sponsorship Letter Sample

Your project is very dear to you, but you need a sponsor to put it into reality. A well-structured sponsorship letter can be your best representative for the purpose. To be effective, you should have your sponsorship letter to reflect your belief in the project and their integrity in the use of funds. The letter should also explain the value of your project would be for the potential sponsoring company or individual generate Imagine.

Start the letter by. The potential sponsor who you are Make an organization or association, or you are a sole proprietorship? What activities do you take part as an individual or as a team? Describe why you are in contact with this company in particular. Explain why you think that the company would be interested in supporting. To generate interest, share short generic advantages such as an increased awareness and goodwill, to bring your sponsorship for the company.
Explain your purpose

Describe your goal in the depths in the body of the letter. To this section effectively, research the company first. You can get information from friends or acquaintances who work there. If not, please visit the company’s website. Knowledge of products or services of the company. Go statements to understand by their mission and vision to their business goals. You can quote and explain how sponsorship project align with their goals their mission statement. Ask about their social activities; this information is usually under a “Philanthropy” or the “community”. In this section are usually past and current activities, the company has sponsored that can give a lot of insight into the company’s goals; They use the information on your proposal back.
Ensure credibility

be transparent. Explain the reason for the implementation of the project and the people who will benefit. Explain how to forgive to sponsorship funds; for example, how much goes in equipment, event preparation, marketing and other expenses. Talk about your past and existing sponsors; enter the name of the company, sponsored activity and results achieved. A friend or acquaintance within the prospective sponsor company that knows your work and supports the current project on your Reference Portfolio book. Add a quote or two about what your sponsors think about you and your work. If this is your first sponsorship proposal to explain why you think that the project will be successful. Add website links, if you have a, explain your activities and benefits to the people. Invite a representative of the company for a press conference or other event that you plan for creating awareness about the project.
Discuss sponsorship benefits

Explain how sponsorship can benefit companies. Be specific. Provide their logo on your stationery, brochures and Web sites and other marketing materials that would generate significant visibility for the company carry. Suggest to work with PR department of the company to convey its reputation as a socially responsible company. List other business values that can add your project.




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