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Printable Watch Band Size Chart - To see which size looks the best on your wrist, just print out the template, choose your desired size and place it on your wrist. Web this can be found on the product page under: Watch strap length chart 32mm 31mm 30mm 29mm 28mm 27mm 26mm 25mm 24mm 23mm 22mm 21mm 20mm 19mm 18mm. Apple 44mm watch band apple’s 44mm watch is the largest on offer. Select “actual size” or “turn o˚ scaling” or “set scaling to 100%” depending on the options you see. Contact us at 1 2 3 print out this page at 100%. Most watch websites like will classify the size of their watches by gender. Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping. After you select print, check the print settings screen. 130 mm is 5.12 inches;

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Please allow up to 2 business days for band sizing prior to having your order shipped. Web watch bands are also sized by their lug width. Sellers and manufacturers prefer to present strap width in millimeters, as this conversion chart will show. This will ensure your watch size chart prints at 100% for accurate sizing. Web up to 0.8% cash back note: Select “actual size” or “turn o˚ scaling” or “set scaling to 100%” depending on the options you see. Do not scale to fit. For accurate sizing please print this page at 100% scale. 1 2 3 cut the tool. 200 mm is 7.87 inches; The width of the strap can go as low as 6mm to as large as 30mm. Wrap the tool tightly around your wrist, keeping it in place where you would wear a watch. The most common widths range from 18mm to 28 mm (5/16” to 1 1/10”). If it’s an exact fit, you’re good to go.) 4 Then position the wider end where you would wear a watch. Larger watches of 44mm to 46mm will look proportional on a 7” to 8” wrist. Make sure the tool feels snug and doesn’t slide up or down. Note the number the arrows point to — that’s your strap size. Print this page at 100%. Our technicians size your watch upon order.

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